Sunday, July 5, 2009

Obsession with that first meal

I love my breakfast. I am very specific about what I want for breakfast, and aside from that essential caffeine, I need my carbs. One of my favorite places for breakfast is Mani's Bakery. It's great on weekdays - service is better because it's not as busy, and food tends to be served in larger portions. Parking is never an issue here, which is extremely rare in L.A.! But the best is by far their Acai and granola bowl. I am in love with their granola. I don't know what it is about the flavor, maybe it's the maple syrup and apple juice reduction that I love, but I just can't get enough of it. Their chocolate chip cookies are also what I live for. It's huge, it's decked out in Barley Malt Sweetened Chocolate Chips, and it's supposedly Vegan. I have heard however, that Mani's Bakery is not "truly" vegan but hell, I don't know enough about how truly Vegan tastes like to comment - all I know is that when I finish that huge cookie, I don't feel that drunken sense of chocolate hangover I would otherwise get from cookies at Coffee Bean, Starbucks, or even the famous Diddy Reese. I tried the vegan chocolate chip cookie from Urth Caffe, but it didn't compare - I guess that's reasonable, because most people go to the cafe for the coffee, not the cookie (though going just for the people watching opportunity is a good enough excuse!)

Alright, so back to breakfast. Like I said, I love my granola. Alcove Cafe & Bakery has pretty good granola, but I still rank Mani's Bakery as my top choice.

Oatmeal. That's also very ideal breakfast food for me, and again, makes Mani my top breakfast joint. Their oatmeal is so creamy and smooth it feels like I'm drinking a sweet soup. It is the definition of how oatmeal can taste like heaven. Yes, I just describled oatmeal as heavenly, it might be contridictory to some of you but seriously, it's orgasmic. I've tried the oatmeal at Alcove, Urth Caffe - and most of the popular healthy breakfast joints, but Mani's still ranks the highest. I just love that place, and I'm pretty sure I got my point across. =)

P.S. There's also a non-vegan chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie at Mani's - absolutely decadent, here's the recipe if anyone wants to bake them for me! Yes? No?


  1. i adore mani's! i also love flore vegan for brunch.

  2. flore vegan? ooo must give that a try!!