Monday, August 3, 2009


Ah. The infamous Korean Taco Truck. It's the Korean taco truck war - our contestants include: Kogi, Bool and Calbi, all claiming to be "authentic Korean BBQ Tacos and Burritos", which I suppose is a contradiction, but I could not care less - if you've been to any of these trucks, you would know what I mean.

First up, we have the selections of tacos and burritos - spicy pork, chicken, spare ribs and tofu.

Now, the burrito is not your typical burrito. It is filled with meaty goodness, there is definitely no skimping on portions, very easy on the rice, beans and cheese and very very generous on the actual filling. As soon as you bite into that "burrito", a mixture of Asian and Mexican flavors ooze into your mouth. A blend of spare ribs (which is what we ordered) and Asian cabbage, along with sesame sprinkling and some special sauce that tasted like a beautiful blend of soy, teriyaki and stir-fry sauce. I guess it was because there was no rice in the burrito, one person could've had 2 of those, easily.

Now we are onto the Taco. Essentially what is in the burrito, is on the taco. We had the chicken taco, and the tofu taco. We all know about the silky-ness of Korean tofu, now imagine that, served in a soft shelled taco, topped with Asian spices and with a Mexican essence. It was heavenly.

Lastly, we had the kimchi quesadilla. Yep, it is exactly what the name entails. It's a quesadilla - a cheesy blend between two pieces of corn tortilla stuffed with more cheese and some form of filling, which in this case, was kimchi.

I'm not a cheese lover, and too much cheese in my food is a huge no no. I find it overwhelming, and it tends to mask all the flavors in the food, but this was definitely one quesadilla that hit the spot. The intense flavor of the kimchi stood harmonously with the cheese, and to top it all off, a sour and spicy salsa plopped dilgently on the tortilla, making it all so...heavenly.

The only down side was the wait. But guys, it was totally worth it.


  1. it was delicious. I think it's because tofu is such a blank canvas anyway for flavors, so it tasted more asian than mexican. but definitely worth trying even for meat lovers!